About - SierraSkystudios

A little about me, the artist

I am a painter, photographer, and handmade jewelry artist. I've been in love with art my whole life and it's truly exciting to be able to create and inspire. I am constantly learning and growing my style. Always looking for new ways to express myself. I love the beauty of nature so I try to capture it the best that I can. You can also see nature-like themes in my paintings as well as bright fun cartoon-like qualities. I love wearing big fun earrings, so I decided to make them as well. Since in my personal experience, they have been hard to find. That's why I decided to create statement earrings for those who are like me and like to express themselves with a fun touch to each outfit. I am very passionate about the art I create and will always make sure it is something that not only I love but others will also love and connect with too.